About Arbs Design

How it works

It all starts with an enquiry to discuss your project, or, if are ready you can go straight to submitting a brief. Once I have collected information about your business/brand/organisation and understand your vision and preferences, I do more research before initial sketching. From there, the best designs are digitalised in industry standard software before presenting the best ideas in a PDF presentation to you. All feedback is welcome so any adjustments (or even a change in design direction) are welcome at this stage as I work on the design until perfect. Once finalised and final payment has been received you will receive a link to all your files, all ready to use. All logo design projects include all the file types that you would ever need for various applications giving you complete freedom to use your logo wherever you need to. A similar process will apply for projects other than logo design however a logo tends to be a more in-depth process.

Why Use Arbs Design?

I help bridge the gap between cheap, low quality websites and expensive design agencies. A flexible and affordable service that offers you a personal, bespoke experience, without compromising on quality. Thorough research, creativity, a passion for design and a care clients’ projects, I help you bring your vision to life. And the feedback has been great (click here to see what clients have said)! You’ll get direct and regular communication from me, consulting you at every stage so that we achieve what you are looking for, together.

Who do I work with?

Arbs design has worked with a variety of businesses; from charities to gamers, international businesses, to large-scale events. Whether you’re starting a company, wanting to refresh an established business, or brand your own project or skill, I’d love to hear about your project. Whatever your goal, industry, scale, or stage of business, I worked with them all. You might want to stand out in a competitive market, build a new brand identity that portrays your business in a different light, or appeal to new customers/markets. Great design is for everyone and the benefits are endless.