Logo Design


What makes a great logo? A great design improves the visual impact of your business, while giving the public a graphical way of remembering and recognising you. It also gives customers a clear indication of the quality of your products or services, while portraying trust and professionalism. A business without a logo looks faceless and unprofessional, while an outdated logo can damage consumers perception of your business.  A logo should be…







 Categorising Designs

Knowing where to start when choosing a logo can be difficult. There is such a wide variety of types and styles which is why many graphic designers categorise logo’s into 3 types, explained below:

Word mark / Letter mark

This is a logo incorporating the company’s brand name in a uniquely styled way (E.G.  Disney, Coca Cola, Google) without the need for any symbols or icons. Scripted typography gives off a sense of heritage while bold geometric type connotes strength, power and gives the logo a modern feel. Similar to the wordmark, a letter mark is an acronym of the company or the initial(s), styled in a unique way to be used as their logo (e.g. CNN, IBM, McDonalds, HP).


This style of logo is a drawing, shape or design which represents the brand name, business or the purpose of the business in some way (e.g. Twitter, Apple, Puma, Shell). They often visually display the name of the company i.e. Apple’s logo is an apple, but it can be more indirect; a hair salon incorporating scissors into their logo for example. As this type of design is very representative, it is often easier for people to link the logo to what the business does.

Conceptual / Abstract

Conceptual or abstract designs don’t directly resemble anything in particular but are a unique idea, drawing or pattern. This style is very popular because it involved creating something completely unique but is a compelling, professional design which makes the brand stand out (Think about Nike, Pepsi, BP). This style of design is the most creative and original, but it can take a while before the symbol is associated with the brand name.


A combination of these is also very popular and is commonly used. Your logo does not have to fit into one of these categories but could take inspiration from one, or all of them. The most important thing for your branding is that it matches your company’s ethos and vision. Working closely with your designer to achieve the look you want for your brand is essential. Your logo is the face of your company!

How to use your new logo files

Feel free to download a help guide to understand how and when to use the different types of files you will receive when you have a new logo designed.